Excellence and you

When it is about the organisational behavior , many theorists have definitely recorded their piece of discovery about the motivation. Be it Maslow need analysis or the ERG theory of Alderfer….the need for self-realization and the societal acceptance have shown path to the successes of many business houses. The beauty of OB lies in the fact that it attains the self-realization and the factors beyond the acceptance and recognition by the society.

Boundaries have always condensed things in limit but OB talks about the acceptance and that is where lies the art of extending our boundaries. Here comes excellence and the value creation of one self. In a workplace like setup , policies govern the system but relationships make the policy work easier. and that is again how people aspire for excellence and the eventual acceptance and recognition , as well chalked out in OB theories.

Excellence remains a question and answer may lie in the very concept of Value-creation. Value-creation — an open ended phenomenon ……so this is what brings the fundamentals of team and aspirations in the cultural shifts at any set-up. Lets aspire for excellence!